Is Cloud Computing for me?

What is SaaS / Cloud Based Computing?

Software as a service (or SaaS) is a way of delivering applications over the Internet—as a service. Instead of installing and maintaining software on a PC, you simply access it via the Internet, freeing the user from "seats", maintenance, "crashes" and all hardware management issues. SaaS applications oftentimes have different names such as web-based software, on-demand software, or hosted software. However, the basic idea is that the software is not installed or run on a local PC but is installed and run on the SaaS provider’s server and is accessed through an internet connection and browser. The provider manages access to the application along with security, availability, performance as well as all updates and upgrades.

What is The Kipware® Cloud?

The Kipware® Cloud brings all of our world renowned CNC and machine shop software applications together under one roof ... hosted in the cloud. Users having unlimited access to ANY or ALL Kipware® applications ... at ANYTIME ... from ANYWHERE ... on ANY DEVICE.  

The Kipware® Cloud utilizes a "private cloud" type environment which basically means each user is using their own, individual PC hosted over the internet. Only that user has access to their PC and it's environment.

  • Need to generate a machining cycletime estimate ... just log on and start KipwareCYC®.
  • Need to generate a cost estimate and quotation ... just log on and start KipwareQTE®.
  • Want to create a CNC program for turning or milling using our world renowned conversational software ... just log on and start KipwareM®, KipwareT® or the SketchPad.
  • Need to convert a G code program from Fanuc format to Okuma format ... just log on and start Kipware® CNC XChange.
  • Need to convert ANY G code program from one format to another ... just log on and start KipwareXC®.

The Kipware® Cloud frees the user from the constraints of the desktop or laptop or any single device ... from installed software ... from "seats" ... from upgrade headaches. Through the Kipware® Cloud, the innovators and pioneers at Kentech Inc. have taken another giant leap toward providing unprecedented efficiency and productivity to our Kipware® family.

Why Switch to SaaS ?

There are many fundamental benefits of today’s SaaS solutions including:

  • Low risk factors – The initial (3) month subscription of the Kipware® CLOUD provides users with (3) months to decide if the software meets the your requirements. At the end users can continue cloud based or switch to a traditional, on-premises installation or cancel completely.
  • Low commitment factors – The Kipware® CLOUD allows customers to cancel at any time. Customers are not forced into contracts and only pay for the months that they use the software.
  • Competitive cost – The Kipware® CLOUD is “pay as you go” and when compared to the cost of software licenses, computer hardware, support contracts and version updates, is often the more cost effective solution.
  • Heightened Security and Reliability – Despite concerns about the reliability and security of SaaS solutions, the truth is that there have been far fewer service disruptions and security breaches among SaaS vendors than in traditional, on-premise software environments.
  • Increased productivity – The Kipware® CLOUD is accessible from anywhere on any device which means firms are able to use them in downtime hours. When you can work from anywhere at anytime productivity tends to increase.
  • Constant access to the latest software version – The Kipware® CLOUD means no more waiting for the latest software version. Customers are always working with the latest version and can expect continual improvements along the way.

PROS and CONS of the Kipware® Cloud

As we see it ... below are some of the PROS and CONS of the Kipware® Cloud to be considered.

    • NOTHING TO INSTALL ... all applications are run in the cloud ... all data can be stored in the cloud or on your local PC ... your choice.
    • WORK FROM ANYWHERE ... all you need is an internet connection for access.
    • WORK FROM ANY DEVICE ... Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android, tablet ... any device and any operating system.
    • NO UPGRADE WORRIES ... you're always running the latest versions of all applications ... you're always using FRESH SOFTWARE with FRESH FEATURES.
    • NO COMPUTER CRASH WORRIES ... since nothing is installed on your local PC there's nothing to lose.
    • ALWAYS ON CAPABILITY ... ALL applications are always available ... anytime. Use applications as needs arise.
    • NO UPGRADE / MAINTENANCE FEES ... one low price covers EVERYTHING.
    • NO SEATS / LICENSES ... you're log on gives you access to ALL applications from ANY device from ANYWHERE.
    • IMPROVED MOBILITY ... data and applications are available to employees no matter where they are in the world. Workers can take their work anywhere via smart phones and tablets working even while roaming in the shop or in the plant.
    • IMPROVED COLLABORATION ... multiple users can have access to the Kipware® Cloud.
    • INCREASED COMPETITIVENESS ... use ANY and ALL our applications as-needed when needed.
    • MORE COST EFFECTIVE ... with no software, equipment, upgrades and maintenance contracts to purchase ... less money spent.
    • FLEXIBLE CAPACITY ... quick and easy to ramp up and add users or additional applications.
    • You need an internet connection

 Concerned about Security...Don't be

Let's address the elephant in the room. You hear it all the time when it comes to cloud based hosting or internet usage in general. Some concerns are well founded in certain situations ... but this is not one of those situations. So let's address some FAQ's :

  • FIRST Our hosted environment has more security than your office or home PC and internet connection. Our hosted environment is monitored, upgraded and updated constantly by a dedicated staff of professionals whose ONLY JOB is to host your software and monitor their network.
  • SECOND Each user is operating their OWN ... PERSONAL ... hosted computer. No other Kipware® Cloud user has access to ANY portion of that PC. Think of it in the same way you think about your desktop computer.
  • THIRD  ANY credit card, personal data or the like is NOT stored in that hosted environment. Paying for a subscription takes place on a totally different secure system ... just like any other internet purchase. The Kipware® Cloud environment is strictly running only the Kipware® applications.
  • FOURTH If the cloud is just not for you ... that's fine. ALL Kipware® titles are still available with traditional delivery via CD or downloadable installation file for on-premise installation on a local PC or network ... more details are at the FULL KENTECH WEBSITE HERE.